Urushiol is the name of a chemical produced by plants poison ivy, oak and sumac and this chemical is very, very dangerous for skin as it causes painful skin allergy. One may suffers with this disease when he accidentally touches a plant containing this chemical. Even the disease may also attack you if you take a breath in an area whose air is contaminated with its harmful effects. Symptoms such as itching, redness, swelling and blistering appears when a person suffers with this disease. These symptoms look like a normal case of bug bite but there is a need of careful examining.

One renowned specialist of this disease writes that people should care going near plants and especially the plants which contains these bacteria. Surely, how can one know that whether the plant which he touching is contaminated or not? So the best option is, we should use long sleeves if it becomes necessary for us to go near these plants and touch them. Moreover, we should have protecting clothing whenever we go near them. He further writes that the affected part should be cleaned thoroughly. The chemical should be carefully removed from the skin as it can react. You can slightly rub that infected area on your skin but scratching it is not allowed as it may cause chemical to spread.

This chemical has yellow color and its boiling point is above 200 degrees. Annually, approximately more than 50 million people get affected by this disease, as per the reports of American Academy of Dermatology.