Nokia E73

The brand new Nokia E73 has been released and it looks beautiful. Actually it looks a lot like the E72 but with a slightly flatter front (except for the keypad). Like most E-series phones, the E73 as a full QWERTY keypad with slightly curved keys that allow a good feel of separation. Apart from the scroll key, the E73 also has an optical track-pad that has been seen recently in many Blackberry phones. There is also an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate and tap-for-time function.

The screen resolution of the E73 is standard 320×240 pixels and screen size is 2.4 inch, much like other E-series phones, specifically the E72. The phone also has a 3.5mm audio jack and internal memory is an impressive 250MB, well impressive for Nokia because they usually don’t allow a lot more than a hundred megabytes. There is micro SD card support that allows up to 16GB cards with a 4GB card which is already included in the set. The 16GB support is really surprising because many low end phones from Nokia allow a maximum of 32GB.

Coming towards connectivity, the E73 features quad band 2G and tri band 3G connectivity. It also has class 32 GPRS and Edge. There is also a Wi-Fi adaptor and Bluetooth version 2.0 with A2DP. The data port is a micro USB port.

The E73 has a 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. The exact resolution of the video is not yet known whether it is VGA or QVGA, but with a 5MP camera it should be VGA. The OS is Symbian 9.3 with v3.2 UI.