Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plug-in that allows the Microsoft .Net developed internet applications to run smoothly on the browser. This plug-in basically enables the .Net internet applications to find a familiar environment to be able to execute in. The Silverlight plug-in is mainly developed so that it could help a browser display high definition video content, smoother browsing and better security features for the internet. Silverlight is usually used in conjunction with the Microsoft IIS that helps in smooth streaming.

A couple of days ago Nvidia demonstrated 3D video streaming on their new PC that is specifically optimized for 3D performance. The PC is called the Nvidia 3D Vision PC and it is capable of extreme 3D application execution.

The demonstration of the 3D video was done by installing Microsoft Silverlight for the browser and Microsoft IIS. After a little setup, an online 3D video started that showed intensely immersive graphics just like watching a running game or a render in 3D Studio Max. The experience was simply astonishing and the possibility of 3D video streaming in the future really boggles the mind.

According to Nvidia, there wasn’t any other software installed on the 3D vision PC other than a browser, Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft IIS. Of course 3D streaming websites or content is not very common at present, but with the lightning fast transition to online HD videos, the time is not far off when YouTube would be streaming 3D videos. Till that time one could taste the absolute deliciousness of the latest 3D games on a Nvidia 3D Vision PC.