True Beauty

True beauty, the famous T.V reality series began its fresh season last night. The show was premiered on the ABC channel. The latest season was anticipated to be better than the previous one and people from all across the globe were waiting to watch the show. Finally it was aired last night. The show was hosted by two new anchorpersons, and for the first episode they had a special guest host Vanessa. Ten participants took part in the last nights show. The participants were asked to style themselves in two hundred dollars, allotted to each of them. The participants decided their looks and got all dressed up. They were then asked to go to the Vegas strip and get rated by the pedestrians. The winner would be the person getting the most number of coins.

The show is reality based and it focuses not only on the beauty of the participants, but also on their heart and mind and the true beauty of the participants is judged. The body of the participants is also given proper attention; normally really hot people are the participants. A group of judges is available to judge the inner and outer beauty of the participants. The competitors are given certain tasks which they have to complete in the stipulated time. One participant is eliminated at the end of each episode and leading to one winner. The winner of the show will earn a mega prize of a hundred thousand dollars. The fresh season of true beauty will also feature the emotions of the participants and their joy while spending time with each other and winning the mega prize, like the previous season.