Taylor Powell

Drugs are bad; never ever do drugs and always say no to them! That is the lesson that twenty six yrs old Jarrod Wyatt has just learnt the hard way after he nipped on some shroom infested caffeine drink and lost total control over his rationality; resulting in the slaying of his training bud Taylor Powell with his own hands.

And I am not talking s mere stab to the abdominal region or a bullet shot to the cranium region; what befell the ill fated and completely unfortunate Taylor Powell is way more grotesque than many people would even like to have to witness in a horror / gore movie flick. So Jarrod Wyatt – a professional fighter who performs as part of the Mixed Martial Arts premier entourage – and his fellow trainee Taylor Powell decide to get high and share their viewpoints and insight on the meaning, reality and conclusion of not just a person’s life but also the whole universe. Now what kind of rationality can you possibly expect from two aped out shroom buds? Trust me; you can’t expect a whole lot.

So as Taylor Powell went on to enlighten his bud on how Lucifer works secretly in this world, Jarrod Wyatt totally flipped out, became paranoid and slashed an eighteen inch fissure in the former’s chest cavity, eradicated the heart, incised the former’s tongue and hacked away bulk of his visage as well. And do you know why? Believe it or not, Wyatt believed he had just seen Lucifer’s manifestation on his friend’s façade.