Runescape Classic

The multiplayer online game Runescape Classic has been opened today. The Runescape Classic was released in 2004 and the game has been upgraded with many features since then. The users who have been playing the Runescape game since 2004 are able to play the Runescape Classic version. The users must be logged in as a member to play the game and to enable the classic account. The game has 3D rendered graphics and runs on the Java platform. The game is known to be the most popular online multiplayer game with around ten million active accounts. The game has registered around one hundred and thirty million accounts until now. The game has been divided into kingdoms and cities. The users can use magical skills to transport themselves to different places and can even walk their way to different places.

They can also use charter ships to transport themselves. The game consists of different quests and monsters. The players are able to get their own avatars and can customize their objectives. The players are able to enhance their skills by completing their objectives and can interact with other players through chat and trade. The game includes some mini games which can be played together with other players. It is available in seven languages apart from English and can be enjoyed through multiple servers throughout the world. The combat mode is another feature which allows the players to enhance their skills and retrieve their resources. The combat mode has been upgraded with three different categories.