True Beauty Season 2

The True Beauty Season 2 again started on ABC TV channel. The True Beauty Season 2 was aired out on last night. The True Beauty is one of the beauty competition in which the participants are screened and examined not only by their physical beauty but as well internal beauty. True Beauty reality show is analysed by a jury which includes Nole Marin, Vanessa Minnillo and Cheryl Tiegs. In True Beauty Season 2, 2 additional judges are added up in the jury that is Beth Ostrosky Stern and Carson Kressley.

The True Beauty Season 2 was began on May 31st, 2010, 10 participants were participated in this season they are Regina, Craig, Erika, Amy, Taylor, JD, Liz, Michael, Michelle and David. C. Kressley and B. Stern began the installment being fresh compares of the very show. They both began the True Beauty Season 2 show with an invitee host V. Minnillo. Aft that the participants proceeded to meet one another

on “Face of Vegas” runway. Regina was the 1st participant and the last participant was Craig who reaches to that point. Aft that they faced their 1st challenge in which they have to make themselves as an iconic Vegas within $200. Every participant selects their looks. Then they’ve to take in the coins from the forward passer still standing on the Strip of Vegas. The participant who collected more coins will win the competition.

The achiever will get about $100,000. Last yr, Julia Anderson won this beauty contest. The True Beauty is really a good and different reality show.