Jarrod Wyatt

I once heard someone saying that boxing professionals and other athletes who are involved in similar sports end up doing the craziest of things because for the most part, they really do not have much thinking abilities left intact after taking all those strikes to the head and face region. When you look at the act that Jarrod Wyatt has just committed; you definitely start to believe that notion.

Jarrod Wyatt had invited three other close affiliates to his home so they could savor the flavor of some tea with shrooms blended with it. The three affiliates in this case being his girl friend, his fitness training & workout pal and another common friend, David, of theirs. After each person had had his & her share of the tea, Davis decided to go catch some fresh air and take a stroll. As he tried to get up, he was startled when Jarrod Wyatt refrain him from leaving the premises. The actions of the kick boxer seemed real out of line at that point in time. Never the less, Davis stuck to his plan and went out for a walk.

When he came back, he felt the earth slip from beneath him as he saw Jarrod Wyatt with blood on his hands and the corpse of his workout pal sprawled across the floor with a major chunk of the face missing, the heart laying on one side and the tongue of the other. Bottom line; JW had just executed his pal under the influence of shrooms.