Ted Koppel

It was a shocking story to hear about the death of Ted Koppel son who died on Monday. The son of Ted Koppel had been found dead at his apartment and the police officials are looking into the reason of his death. The police officials were called after they found Andrew unconscious and wouldn’t respond. According to some sources he was over drunk and had returned to his apartment with a man. The police investigated the crime scene and found no evidence of any sort of criminal activity. The official’s didn’t reveal any report about the death of Andrew and are still investigating the cause. Andrew died at the age of fourty and seems that alcohol could be the reason of death. He was continuously drinking at a bar and was drinking whiskey. Andrew came back home with Wimberley who was his friend and met him at the bar.

He was later found not breathing and the police was informed about the situation. The call that went to the 911 said that Andrew had a pale complexion and wasn’t breathing. The emergency rescue worker reached the scene and declared Andrew to be dead. Andrew had been charged with many alcohol offending cases and was even convicted of driving his father’s car while drunk. Ted Koppel has been working as a journalist and anchor since 1963. He had four children’s and Andrew was his only male child who died due to over drinking. The officials report about the death of his son is still pending to be revealed.