Sinkhole is a natural disastrous hole created in the surface of the earth formed due to movement of soil caused mainly by water. A recent sinkhole was created in Central America. The sink hole is huge in size and is very deep. It opened its mouth and took in a triple storey building. The building just vanished in front of the eyes of the people living in the neighborhood. It created fear among the residents. The hole was created after the strong tropical storm. Reports tell that one person fell into the sinkhole.

The recent storm in the country has killed a number of people. It is expected that more than a hundred and fifty people have already died. The number of injured people has also increased after the vicious rain. The storm swept away many buildings. Land slides have made people home less. The people are seeking help from the international

community. A governor of the effected area stated that his whole department has become out of order due to the storm. He stated that he requires all sorts of support from the foreign community. Above all they require money in order to gather supply his people with necessities.

The number of casualties might increase due to the risk of appearance of more sinkholes, as the soil is still displacing. Hundreds of thousands of people have evacuated their homes due to the risks involved. The people are advised by the authorities not to return to their homes until the storm conditions prevail.