Guatemala Sink Hole

The Guatemala Sink hole is another disaster that hit the Central American region. The wind storm in the area proved itself to be such powerful to cause the massive sink hole. The sink hole took away a three storey building along with one person inside it. The official reports about the persons inside the building haven’t been confirmed yet. The storm has killed around one hundred and fourty six people and many are missing. The Guatemala Sink hole was a size of a street interception and looks like a big hole. The hole is almost two hundred feet deep and is the second time such incident has occurred

The storm has caused a lot of damage in the area and has completely destroyed the crops. The people lost their houses and the infrastructure has been damaged.

The government has appealed for aid for the people and is trying to setup camps for the survivors. The rescue workers have started their mission to secure the survivors and to rescue the people who are trapped beneath the structures. The storm came to a halt on Sunday and the people are terrified after the incident. The locals are short of necessary resources to help the survivors and the rescue teams even lack proper machinery to save the people trapped in the their houses. The united States have donated a large amount for supplies and medical aid for the people. The air support helicopters are looking for any survivors and have evacuated the city. The Guatemala Sink hole is a terrifying scene for the locals.