Stephen Clancy Hill

Stephen Clancy Hill, who was involved and wanted by the local police authorities in murdering one of his colleagues and injuring two other colleagues, has now been charged on Friday. According to the latest reports, Stephen Hill, 34-year-old porn actor has been charged by the police under the counts of murder and attempted murder.

The incident was happened in the production facility of Ultima DVD which is located in the area of San Fernando Valley on Tuesday night. According to the eye witnesses, Hill was seen running away from the production facility on Tuesday night near about the same time when this incident of murder was happened. Therefore an arrest warrant has been issued under his name.
According to the detail which has been issued by the authorities, Stephen Clancy Hill was told of being fired from the company and asked to leave the place in his use as his residence within the production facility which made him wild that resulted in the murder of his colleague along with the injuries of two other colleagues. It has been announced by the head of Ultima DVD that USD $2000 will be given to the person who will provide sufficient information to arrest the suspect.

He killed his colleague named Herbert Wong with a samurai sword when he was trying to save one of other colleagues from the attack of Hill. Professional name of the Stephen Clancy Hill is Steve Driver who has become now one of the wanted persons of the authorities against murder case of 30-year-old Herbert Wong. Multiple wounds of stabbing have been found in the body of Wong, said by police authorities.