I Am Legend

“I Am Legend” is one of Will Smith’s top movies in which he once again proved to the world that not a lot of actors could compete with him. But then again, I don’t remember any Will Smith movie that was unsuccessful on the box office. Well “I Am Legend” was a huge hit and though the concept was not entirely new, the way the concept was turned into a story was very unique.

Well the plot of the movie is that Robert Neville (Will Smith) is a military scientist who is the last living human in New York City, and probably the world, because a deadly virus that was initially supposed to be a cure for cancer, gets out of hands and kills everyone. Those who don’t die from the virus become mutated creatures that live for the sole purpose to kill. Robert is alive because he is immune to the virus and for three years following the same routine of sending out radio signals at periodic intervals so that any survivor other than himself could hear him. He also searches continuously for a cure to the virus using his own immune blood so that maybe one day he could cure the mutated humans. He does this living alone with his dog.

As it is clear from the story, the concept is nothing new, but the plot of the movie and the way the plot carries itself is pretty unique, with flashbacks from Neville’s life 3 years ago and the exact circumstances of the spread of the virus. The mutated humans give a real feel of action because they are animated.