Splice Review

The heat of summer is always covered by the blast of entertainment every year. Many great movies come to surface in this season as Vinenzo Nantali’s new science fiction Splice has been released this summer.

The movie splice is going to be premiered today on 4th June all over the world. It is always really entreating to watch science fiction movies because they provide quality entertainment along with adequate information.

Splice has been directed by Vinenzo Nantali which is titled to as “Splice: science’s newest Miracle …….is a mistake.” Cyrill Aufort has provided the music and the story has been written by Terry Bryant, Antionette and Nantali.

The main cast of the movies is Sarah Polly, Adrein Brody and Delphine Chaneac. The film has been financed by Steve Hoban and Guillermo Del Toro and the responsibility of distribution has been levied on dark castle Entertainment along with the cooperation of Warner Bros pictures.

The story revolves around the emergence of a new species created during an experiment performed by two romantically implicated researchers. On their research way, they mixed human DNA with some other matter and to their surprise the creature started to grow in size, as a result they took great care of it and named her Dren. This small monster like creature matures up as an adult woman with a tail on its back and story proceeds.

The story is definitely very interesting and it is a must watch movie with family and friends not only to enjoy the movie but to appreciate the effort of entire movie crew.