Jerry West

There is no single fan of basket ball that is not familiar to the legendary Jerry West. Most recently in a candid interview, he discussed about his ex team’s performance in NBA finals. Moreover the former key player of Los Angeles Larker’s also talked about the performance of Los Angeles Lakers in final against Boston Celtics.

However the main focus of the interview was Kobe Bryant, who is thought to be the most excellent player Lakers ever had.

It seemed from Jerry’s interview that he is there to talk about the performance and skills of Kobe Bryant. It is such an honor for Kobe Bryant that a living sports legend is talking about him in really good and appreciating words. According to Jerry west, Kobe Bryant is the only superlative player in the team so far.

He also told the interviewer that as long as the Kobe Bryant is there in the team, the team would perform exceptionally well in the finals of NBA held in Staples Center, Los Angeles. Jerry also told that his expectations are not based on assumptions but he is forecasting this by looking at the performance and form of the Kobe Bryant. He also said that he is really hopeful about the career of Kobe Bryant in coming days owing to his excellent playing skills and marvelous shots.

It is such a humble attitude from a living sports prodigy to dedicate his entire interview speech to a new player like Kobe Bryant.