Royal Pains

The most terrific USA cable TV show “Royal Pains” of the year 2009 is back once again. The season 2 of this great series premiered yesterday on 3rd June 2010. The yesterday’s premier was cogitated to be more rocking and entertaining.

The season 2 of the no. 1 TV series of 2009 has come with yet more interesting and appealing cast like Reshma Shetty and Mark Feuerstein.

The 1st episode of the season 2 was really very interesting and unexpectedly it started from part where it ended last season. Hence the series is expected to lock the interest of its fans this season as well.

The first episode of season 2, which was labeled as “Spasticity”, had everything the viewers wanted to see. Evan, Hank and Divya are back once again with real entertainment and magic. Last night’s episode of Royal Pains was all good but a little touch of romance was definitely missing. People are more curious to see the love trial of Evan and Divya, owing to their unforgettable kiss in the last season, which apparently mean nothing. However for this season, this romance has to prosper in order to keep viewers attention.

The main cast of the series is Paulo Costanzo, Henry Winkler, Campbell Scott, Jill Flint and Reshma Shetty. The last episode of the season 1 ended up really well but it left Hank Lawson with some strange facts and Divya proceeding towards a loveless marriage. Let’s see how this next season of the Royal Pains carry on with the story and keeps viewers involved throughout the season.