Sinkhole Guatemala

Sinkhole Guatemala has sucked a multi story building. It is anticipated that one person has died due to the intake. The sinkhole Guatemala is appearing to be like a huge whole dug by a massive explosion. The hole is about more than a hundred and seventy five feet deep and is about the width of two streets. The sinkhole was created due to the heavy storm prevailing in the area. The huge sinkhole has created havoc in the neighborhood. The huge Sinkhole Guatemala is being seen by people on the internet.

The storm in Guatemala has killed about a hundred and fifty people already. The president of the state expressed his views that the number of casualties may increase as there are many small towns and villages which have not submitted reports of the damage caused to them. It is a fact that this has occurred due to the poor communication system with the

small villages and the existing village communication systems have been destroyed due to the storm. The country is in a state of emergency and many people have evacuated their homes and left for safer areas.

The storm has caused devastation and about ninety thousand people have become homeless. The strong built houses have been swept away by the mud and people are crying for help. Foreign countries have started to send aid to the affected areas. Problems are being faced in sending aid to the state as the major airport has been closed for flights due to the ash coming out of a nearby volcano.