Sink Hole

For those who understand the working behind a sink hole will know exactly what happened and why it happened in capitol polis of Guatemala City. But for those who are not so familiar with the phenomenon of the occurrence of the sink hole, let me try to explain it in a brief and comprehensive manner before filling you in with the details of the tragedy that has befallen the community of Guatemala City and the state of Guatemala.

Remember those images you got to see in the cartoons as a kid where a black spot would appear on the ground and everything would start sucking in towards it; something you often got to see Bugs Bunny controlling with his bare hands. Well that is really what we are talking about here, the dislocation of earth which results in the engulfing of everything in the surrounding vicinity; whether it is infrastructure, human beings or other living creatures. As the

air become plagued with the disgusting odor of polluted mud and tummy twisting sewage, a sink hole – way more in size than the street junction – exploded and sucked in a towering triple storey residential construction.

All this destruction and catastrophe has been the direct result of Agatha; the tropical squall. The situation at hands has both the national and local administration baffled and panicked. Matters have been made worse as the citizens take to the streets themselves carrying shovels in hopes of trying to find their beloved from under the mud & dirt mounds.