Perhaps a name really does have its influence on a person, or as was observed in the case of the Dodgers from the city of angels Los Angeles; the ability to doge (derived from the unit’s anointment in the Major League Baseball) really did come in handy and resulted in a dodgy & unforeseen triumph for the boys against the Diamondbacks from the state of Arizona.

For those who are informed, familiar and well versed with the verbiage, rules and regulations for the game of baseball – particularly with reference to playing in the Major League Baseball – a balk can transpire either intentionally or unintentionally; the pitcher having to face the heat in either scenario. A balk is the term used to coin any act or movement on part of the pitcher which qualifies as being against the law according the book. And as mentioned earlier, it can occur either intentionally – something that the pitcher does purposely – or unintentionally i.e. external incidents that can force the pitcher to lose drift of his motion.

Guilty of committing a balk against his Diamondback colleagues this time around was Esmerling Vasquez who was about to pitch the delivery when he got engrossed with the act of Casey Blake – who was on the 3rd base at the time – and had to cut off his toss half way through the delivery. The balk foul allowed the Dodgers to see their 3rd and 2nd base occupiers stroll in smoothly towards home base and secure a win for the home team without any hurdles.