Guatemala City

The natural disaster in Central America has killed around one hundred and fourty peoples. The Guatemala City was hit with a massive tropical storm on Saturday and transformed into a sinkhole. The Guatemala City storm made a sinkhole equal to the size of a street intersection and swallowed a building and a house. The sinkhole measures around two hundred feet deep and the hole developed when the Guatemala City was experiencing high winds. The three storey building was swallowed into the hole and the officials said that it had one person inside it. The disaster in Central America has caused damage to the crops and took the lives of the residents of the city. The people are in fear after the sinkhole was formed in the center if the street. After the situation came under to a halt the rescue team started their search and rescue mission for the trapped people.

The rescue team said that they don’t have any machinery to rescue the survivors and are trying to handle the situation. The rescue teams are trying to supply tents and medical supplies to the affected people by helicopter. The aid for the central American people started to flow on Monday after the rescue workers were able to find their way to the survivors. The United States Government have announced a donation of around one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars for medical supplies and helicopters. The Guatemalan government has started their appeal for financial aid today. It was a tough time to evacuate around ninety four thousand peoples from the city