Shockwave Transformers

Transformers are the name of some imaginative characters found in many comics and TV shows. Shockwave transformers are one of these fictional creations who have become famous in comics and in many other books. Shockwave transformers are mainly robots which are characterized by having laser cannons in one of their hands. The transformers have been used to make a series of Hollywood movie which is known by the name “Transformers”. There have been two parts made on this movie and these fictional characters are playing the major role in them. The director of this movie is Michael Bay and after the completion of two parts of this movie he is going ahead to make the last and third part of this movie.

After the success of the previous parts Michael Bay is going to end the Transformer series with the last part. The last part will be presenting Shia Labeouf. Megan fox will not be working in this film. In this film more 3-D characters are going to be used as the director wants it to be a stunning movie.

The shockwave transformers are presented as villains. Shockwave is in the team of decepticons and the most trusted deception of megatron. The twist in this movie is that shockwave transformers are more intelligent than megatron and they tend to overrule him. Shockwave has laser cannon in his one hand which is his greatest creation to defeat megatron and become the new leader of the decepticons. This amazing and thrilling movie is anticipated to be released next year in the summer of 2011 hopefully. It is expected to be the most popular movie of the year.