Nigeria vs Argentina

Another African team’s match took place today; the match was Nigeria VS Argentina. The match was pretty exciting. There was a lot of support for the Nigerian team as the match is taking place in Africa.

Argentina’ s team is on the number seven spot in the FIFA rankings before the world cup, while the Nigerian team is way back at the number twenty one spot. The Nigerian team still managed to give a tough competition to the North American team. Lionel Messi is leading the Argentinean squad. The Argentineans made the goal and they maintained their lead till the end of the match, no goal was scored by the Nigerian team. The Argentineans seemed pretty good at defense but a little weak at attacking. The match was viewed by millions of people from around the world. The goal from the Argentinean side was done by Gabriel Heinze; the goal was done in the sixth minute of the match.

The Nigeria VS Argentina match was pretty tough as both the teams were making their fullest efforts. The match has given a lead to the Argentinean squad; they are the second team to win a match in this World cup as two of the previously played matches were drawn. The captain of Argentina was pretty excited about Nigeria VS Argentina match and now he is delighted to have beaten the Nigerian team, he is happy to start their first match of the world cup with a victory. The match has spread joy all over the streets in Argentina.