Spirit Airlines

Spirit airlines faced a lot of controversy recently due to the strike made by its pilots. The pilots union demanded that they need a reasonable increase in their salaries. The management of the company stated that it shall collaborate with another company to carry on its flights, they did not mention as to which company they would collaborate with. The pilots union said that they do not want to disturb the affairs of the company but if their demands are not fulfilled they shall have to take drastic steps. They stated that they would prefer not to work on a salary which does not match the salaries offered by other airline companies of the same level.

The company tried to stop the strike of the pilots by giving them so called attractive salary and other benefits. The pilots were offered an increase of more than thirty percent in their salaries, they were also offered four days and four nights rest time after they fly each time,

this offer is not given by any other airline. The pilots refused the above mentioned offers. They still decided to remain on strike. The Spirit airlines management was very disappointed by this fact. The customers of the company have given bad remarks about the services of the company. The company is going to refund the tickets to the customers whose flights were cancelled; in addition to this the company shall give them a discount of a hundred dollars which they can avail in future by using the Spirit airlines services.