Queen Noor

Queen Noor is the widow of The King of Jordan, Hussain. Queen Noor freshly came out in the film named as Countdown to Zero, a documentary film on the atomic proliferation created by the famous producer L.Bender.

Queen Noor who’s as well the establishing extremity of the very Global Zero. It is an anti atomic campaign against the atomic weapons in the world and they’re made it as an alert. The very movie will release in July but its date is not fixed yet. Queen Noor performed a role of an advisor. She as well assisted much in the making of this very movie. Queen Noor’s real name is Lisa Najeeb Halaby. She took birth in the capital of America i.e. Washington DC .She did her graduation from the famous Princeton University. She met with King in some function and they decided to get married. They got married in the yr 1978. Aft. marriage she releases her American citizenship and changed it to Sunni religion.

The very couple had 4 children. In the yr 1999, King Hussain passed away. She showed her interest in advancing the Jordan worldwide and participated in the lot of causes and campaigns. She’s leader of the very institution against atomic weapons proliferation named Global Zero. On her first entry in the Hollywood she stated to the press that it is entirely a new world for her. Countdown to Zero is 90 mins documentary film, which is made by the Academy Award frame team. Well, let’s see whether she will continue her journey in this field or not.