San Diego Marathon

San Diego Marathon starts on Sun as about 30,000 race runners ran together on the running track of about 26.2 miles. The San Diego Marathon also known as Rock And Roll Marathon , which begins at the 6th Avenue and will finish at the very Sea World. As per the reports, this is the thirteenth yr of san Diego Marathon in the city i.e. San Diego.

One of special public presentations at the San Diego Marathon is “Big Bad Voodoo Daddy” who makes the song for this race specially and just bang the concert held there to amuse the viewers. San Diego city manager J.Sanders fired the gun that signs the commencement of the thirteenth San Diego Marathon. The race runner’s kickoffs at the 6th Avenue, which is just next to Balboa Park and Hillcrest. A couple of miles from the starting point the runners passes the Fashion Valley shopping mall and the very Fiesta Island just down at the very famous Mission Bay and at last reached the ending point and that was Sea world. This is the San Diego Marathon finishing line.

TV celebrities such as Tamra Barney and Lynne Curtin from “Real Housewives of Orange County” were as well standing in the viewers. The Marathon achiever shall have a winning sum of about $155,000. As there was much traffic and the routes were blocked in between the timings of the race. The functionaries have been ordered to look on the traffic and be sure that no hurdle and difficulty will lie in the routes which the runners would face.