Perfect Game Blown Call

Denkinger, a former referee, felt sorry for Jim Joyce. The guy who knows what happened with the referee Jim Joyce is Don Denkinger, who also made a controversial decision at the World Series between St. Louis and Kansas City in 1985. In addition he exclaimed that Joyce was a very good referee and he was really sorry for him.

On Wednesday the wrong decision by Jim Joyce deprived Armando Galarraga off a perfect match. The pitcher of the Detroit Tigers got shattered by the decision. The controversial decision came after two outs in the ninth inning on a grounder hit to the right of first baseman Miguel Cabrera. After the game, the referee went to apologize to the pitcher of the Detroit Tigers admitting that he had made an incorrect judgment.

Denkinger suggested to the New York Post that there were many situations where a recovery could be made to prevent such situations. On ESPN, Denkinger stated that Jim Joyce seemed in the perfect position to see the game but still he made the mistake in judgment. Furthermore he stated that Joyce’s decision for making the apology was wonderful but unfortunately the wrong decision would haunt him throughout his life. Although Denkinger supports instant replays but he also believes that several factors needed to be taken into account before applying it to baseball, including the impact on the game time. He expressed that there are many other situations that should be reviewed before considering the video replay while furnishing a decision.

Denkinger is now retired. He used to work in the same team during his career.