Lane Lindell; Latest Notch on Doug Reinhardt Bedpost

Lane Lindell; Latest Notch on Doug Reinhardt Bedpost is Muss World USA 2008. Born Merica Lane LIndell is from Tampa Bay-Florida. She is a model and beauty pageant contestant who has had worked for renowned brands and companies. Some of these include Fitch, Hollister, Gucci, Modern Bride, Neiman Marus, True Religion and Ed Hardy.

The rumors are around that Dough Reinhardt aka ex-boyfriend Paris Hilton, ex-boyfriend Lauren Conard, ex-boyfriend Amanda Bynes (I am sorry the list can cross famous Tiger Woods list) is seen dating with Lane Lindell and it is reported that

she is spending every night of past few weeks in The Hill star’s arms. The beauty queen is studying at the University of Georgia and is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.

We were not just finished with Lane Lindell story that news of Paris Hilton being getting obsessed with her ex boyfriend Doug has reached us.
The rumors have it that Paris is feeling quite jealous over Lane Lindell-Dough Reinhardt relationship and she wants her boyfriend back.

The media would like to see ex and present girlfriends of Doug confronting each other. What a scene that would be?

It seems Doug has got something special for these ladies as a man with so many hot celebrity divas is but a man of great nerves. You know you have to coop with many celebrity related issues while you are dating with one of the celebrities.

By the way is Doug Reinhardt a celebrity? Aren’t we trying to make it one?