Nacho Libre

“Nacho Libre” is a 2006 movie that was a huge comedy hit mostly because of Jack Black. Black has been known as a great comedy actor from movies like “Shallow Hal”. He makes the audience laugh by acting sometimes in a dorky way and sometimes as a really witty character. He is an extremely intelligent actor and he proves that on the screen. He translates every story into his own interpretation of American comedy. Nacho Libre is a similar film in which in some scenes the audience couldn’t breathe because they’re laughing so hard.

In the move he is basically a cook named Ignacio who works in an orphanage. He lives a simple life for the most part, but at one point he decides to take part in the local Lucha Libre wrestling competition as a Luchador wrestler. He does this to win the 200 peso prize so that he could buy better food for the children and win the heart of the newly arrived Sister Encarnacion.

For the wrestling competition he starts to train with his friend and makes a costume for himself that consists of a mask and a cape. He develops a secret identity as a wrestler by the name of Nacho because wrestling at the Lucha Libre is considered a sin at the place where he works.

The training part and the way he wrestles and tries to impress Encarnacion are the most hilarious elements of the movie. Jack Black’s amazing style of comedy to make people laugh by making fun of himself, really works in this movie.