Mopeds have been around almost as long as most motorcycles, but for some reason they haven’t been given enough attention. In some countries mopeds are very common, but in others they are not preferred even if they’re available. The most understandable reason for denial of use is the lack of power that most cheap motorcycles deliver. While that may be true, mopeds are by far the most environment-friendly powered two-wheelers in the world.

There are many types of mopeds. Some are small and are used mostly by women and girls. Some are bigger with more power and are preferred by men who like some speed along with comfort of use. The fuel source of mopeds can be gasoline or electricity. Even the gasoline powered mopeds are very environment friendly because they give minimal emissions and are very fuel efficient. However, the real friends of the ozone are the electrical powered mopeds that reach a considerably high speed and distance in a single battery charge. An example of such mopeds is the X-Treme XM-3000Li electric powered moped. This vehicle looks really hot and futuristic. It runs on Lithium Ion batteries that allow the moped to go as fast as 60 miles per hour and a total distance of 72 miles on a single charge. The XM-3000Li doesn’t have any chains for power transmission to the rear tire; instead the tire is connected to the electric motor through a hub.

Mopeds like the XM-3000Li are changing the way people consume natural resources like gasoline and are changing the way people impact the environment.