Dundee Tornado

On the morning of Sunday a tearing tornado caused colossal damage in Dundee, Michigan that lies around twenty five miles away at the southern locale of Ann Arbor. The winds of the tornado reached up to hundred and thirty miles per hour. The massive tornado destroyed many houses, pulled many trees and shattered the power lines of the area. The tornado resulted in damaging property worth millions of US dollars. As per the report of Dave Gurney, a weather service official, the tornado initiated at Dundee and the winds that accompanied the tornado were raging at the speeds of more than hundred miles per hour.

In Dundee a roof of a hotel collapsed due to the heavy storm. According to sources the rescue officials evacuated approximately five hundred people from the affected hotel. The hotel was situated next to the Splash Universe water park. The people who were evacuated stayed at a local school.

In Monroe County, the storms and the tornadoes also destroyed an outer wall of the Nuclear Power Plant. However the destroyed wall of the nuclear plant did not cause any damage as the plant shifted to auto shut down mode. The disaster wounded almost eleven people and many people went missing. Rescue authorities continued their search for the lost people.

A public information official, Dan Smith stated that the people who got injured were immediately rushed to the hospital and they were being treated. Furthermore he stated that government declared a state of emergency following the intense weather conditions.