Millbury Ohio

On Sunday, 6th of June 2010, the authorities of Ohio disclosed the facts regarding the catastrophic storms and twisters that brushed Ohio. According to the reports furnished by the authorities at least five people were killed in Ohio and fifty houses were destroyed when tornadoes and storms. The massive tornado touched down and started destruction in Wood County. The raging calamities swept the Midwest during the night. The storm also damaged a gymnasium where a high school graduation ceremony was scheduled for Sunday. A four year old kid was also killed among four other victims. In addition the storm wounded more than ten people in Michigan. The spokesperson of the Emergency Management Division reported that the tornado also damaged the outer walls of a Nuclear Power plant. The nuclear plant automatically shut down.

In northwestern Ohio, the chief of police Mark Hummer said that two persons who were near the lake got killed and a car driver near a school died. He added that the other three people, who were killed, including a young child, lived in Millbury.

Todd Walters, fire dept rep, stated that several people who got wounded were transported to the hospitals. Furthermore he added that the authorities were still trying to find the people who went missing after the dreadful tornado. According to him, the storm that swept the state resulted in the destruction of up to 13 kilometers.

Every year tornadoes slay a lot of people. The tornadoes of the previous season that shredded Louisiana and Mississippi claimed lives of approximately ten people.