Lisa Kelly

Produced by Original Productions, which is a Fremantle Media Company, “Ice Road Truckers” is a reality series that many people haven’t heard about. The series airs on the History Channel and features truck drivers who face everyday peril driving on icy roads. Lisa Kelly is one of the truckers who go through all the challenges thrown at them in each season of the show.

The fourth season of “Ice Road Truckers” is about to start on “History” from 6th June, Sunday. According to the production company, Lisa Kelly and the drivers Alex Debogorski, Hugh Roland and Jack Jesse would be facing their hardest season yet because the hauls have become longer and the tracks are much more difficult than the previous seasons. In this season the truckers may pass through the Ice River that is famous for its scary nature. Actually there is ice on the surface while a river is flowing underneath that makes the road weaker as time passes. Also in the season the drivers would meet two new drivers, one of whom is a former truck company owner who went bankrupt during the recession, and the other is a young cocky driver.

Well judging from the intro of the season there is a lot of promise for excitement. Let’s see how the drivers get through the obstacles in the 4th season episodes, for those who don’t know what the show is about; there are actually some drivers (Lisa Kelly being one of them) who drive to designated destinations in their huge trucks. The point of the show is to observe the emotions and technicalities of driving a huge machine on snowy and icy roads, on which driving even a small car is dangerous.