Steve Driver Movies

The massacre that Stephen Clancy Hill AKA Steven Driver promoted in the studios of Ultima DVD proved be a healthy advertisement for the company. Now the movies that featured Steven Hill promise to do good business for the company. The death of Steven Hill made him famous. His movies did not get much popularity during his life. But currently people search for his films.

Hill was a porn star of the x rated film producing company. When he heard that the company no longer needed him he went mad and his anger drove him to attack his fellow members of company. Steve Driver also killed an employee of the company named Herbert Wong. He used a samurai sword to kill the victim. After killing the innocent employee of the company he fled the scene.

Following the incident the police dept began a massive man hunt to track down Steven Driver. Finally the police officials spotted him in the San Fernando Valley. The police officers tried to apprehend him with the use of stun guns. Somehow he managed his way to the top of the cliff in the Canoga Park. At first he threatened the police with the weapon that he used to kill Herbert Wong, but later when he saw no way to run, he warned the police personnel that he would kill himself. Therefore he jumped from height of approximately fifty feet and lost his life. The medics inspected him and revealed that his death was caused by severe head trauma.