Ohio Tornadoes

According to sources the violent tornadoes of Ohio killed seven people, destroyed dozens of homes and disrupted a graduation ceremony. Tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that swept the Midwest during the night from Saturday to Sunday left behind a veritable war zone. The north-west region of Ohio suffered the most and hosted severe damages. The weather may still do further damage while it threatens to hit other sectors.

In Illinois, where the tornadoes were forecasted, the roof of a cinema collapsed while in Michigan, a nuclear power plant was closed as a preventive measure. One of the walls covering the nuclear facility was torn by strong winds. But the vicious tornadoes mainly affected the northwest area of Ohio. An area of about eleven miles in length got littered with damaged cars, wood, debris from the wrecked houses and various other objects.

Seven people got killed in northwest Ohio. Mark Hummer, the chief of police in Lake Township reported that the brutal weather killed a person who was near the police station. Hummer said that three people were killed including a young child who lived in Millbury, a town of just 2,000 inhabitants located a few miles from Toledo. In addition he stated that two people also died due to their injuries in hospital.

Gloria Enk, spokesperson of the Mercy Hospital stated that at least 30 people were admitted to the hospital In Toledo and among them two adults and two children were in critical condition. According to the fire dept in Lake Township, rescuers were still at work to ensure that no one is left in the rubble of destroyed homes.