WWE superstar Rikishi was freshly interviewed by a sports channel representative.

WWE is the world’s most popular wrestling federation. It has introduced many great legendary super stars; the legacy of these stars has been followed by people from around the globe. WWE fans from all around the globe come to watch these sporting events. The WWE events are also broadcasted on many famous T.V channels.

Rikishi is included among the most electrifying WWE super stars and he has reigned for more than a decade. He is a huge athlete with tall height and a heavy body. Although with his increasing weight he never lost his speed and quick reflexes. He was especially known for his stinky move. He is also considered as a good dancer and his dance moves were copied by his fans. Rikishi recently spoke to a sports channels representative. He spoke about his brother’s death. He stated that Umaga’s death is a

bigger loss to the wrestling world than to any one else. He said that he had deep relations with hi brother and they were very close to each other. He further stated that he was very surprised of his sudden death. The whole family feels his absence. He was not only a good professional but he was also a great family man, and had great relations with all his family mates.

Rikishi told that he received a lot of condolence messages from all around the world on his brother’s death. He stated that he spent the last days of his brother’s life with him. He was very emotional during the interview.