Giant Sinkhole

The giant sinkhole that developed in Guatemala is just another natural wrath that the human race had to face. The people of the city were struck with a massive tropical storm which killed around one hundred and fourty six people until now. The actual death toll is still not confirmed and is feared that many are missing after the situation has become stable. After looking at the footages of the giant sinkhole it seems like it is going till the core of the earth. The giant hole is thirty meters wide and almost two hundred feet deep which even took away a three storey building inside it. The picture of the giant sinkhole seems to be a big worm hole and is quite a terrifying scene. The people who suffered the storm said that they saw their belongings swept away and couldn’t even try to save them. They lost their loved ones and as well as their homes.

They are now under the clear sky and are waiting for any aid. The government is trying to support its people and even requires aid from other countries as well. The massive disaster has disconnected the means of communication and has forced the rescue teams to use air support only. The rescue workers are trying to save the survivors and provide them with shelter. They are reaching the people trapped in their homes through helicopters and would require machinery to dig out the people. The weather condition in the area has come to normal but after a big natural destruction.