Andrew Koppel

The 40 yr old, Andrew Koppel, boy of early ABC News anchorman Ted Koppel was discovered dead in Wimberly friend’s flat. Investigators are still investigating about the reason of his death. Police detective John Sweeney told that Andrew Koppel was announced dead about 1:30 a.m. Mon. in Wimberly friend’s flat. E. Borakove, a spokes-woman for the city coroner, told that an postmortem was did on Mon but reports were yet pending for further examine, including toxicology & tissue examining. Further tests were required to find out the way and reason of his death. She further told that the reports will take some time to disclose.

According to the newspapers, Andrew Koppel drank much with a person he met in a local bar. Wimberley told that Koppel took whiskey. Andrew Koppel was prescribed lawyer for some Housing Authority’s civil judicial proceeding division in the yr 2001, and he left

office in the yr 2008. Ted Koppel the father of Andrew Koppel was the year’s anchorman of the ABC news program “Nightline.”

Wimberly told that aft boozing, he and Andrew Koppel finally wound up at the flat, which was one of Wimberly’s acquaintances. He and the acquaintance, B. Caban, said Koppel to sleep here and afterwards discovered that they found that he was not taking alive. And then both called police. They became scary and as the event happened in their house. Well the reason behind his death is not found yet. So, let’s see what the investigators found regarding his death.