Susan Miller

The Memorial Day held yesterday was full of all kinds of emotions for Susan Miller. Her son who was serving in the United States Army was killed in July last year. His name was Alexander Miller. He was posted in Afghanistan and was fighting against world terrorism. He was a very brave soldier and fought till the last drop of his blood. His strong will power and love for his country and the human race instigated him to join the troops.

Susan Miller stated that she was very happy that his son is still being honored even after his death. She believed that the honor given to her son will not only reduce their sorrows but will also make her proud of Alexander. Susan Miller gathered along hundreds of other people at the venue. The venue was the famous Water Front Park. Many other soldiers were also given tribute along Alexander.

Susan miller was welcomed by the commander of her sons Division. He stated that we should all be proud of those boys as we are safe because they have put their lives online for us. A fellow of Alex who attended the ceremony was glad to attend the ceremony as he felt more close to Alex. He got to know more about his life out of the Army. Alex had a dream to fight for his nation since his childhood. He was very impressed with the dignity of Army men. His fellows were glad to see the ceremony in his honor and they believe that he really deserved it.