Lake Township Ohio

A furious thunderstorm and tornado hit the Midwestern areas of United States. The damage caused included 3 deaths. The tornado ripped through the rural areas of Lake Township of Ohio and destroyed around 12 houses. The tornado also hit a school and a police headquarter. The school postponed their graduation event. The police headquarter was demolished and so was the high school. There was an emergency command centre behind the administrative building of the police where there were many police cars available that were also destroyed by the tornado. According to the police only one of their cars was left and that was also because it was being used by an officer at the time.

The huge tornado also passed close to a nuclear power plant that responded to the threat of the tornado. According to reports the automatic computer controls of the nuclear power plant shut down the plant on automatic mode because the threat seemed large enough to the instrumentation. According to plant officials there was no such damage except for a damaged outer wall.

The severity of the tornado caused whole buses to turn over and cars to fly off and land elsewhere, crushed, also, the whether radars show that the tornado touched down at several nearby areas as well and caused many injuries and even more demolitions.

It was without a doubt very sad that people got injured and some even died due to the tornado but judging from its power, in a way it was fortunate that it hit a rural area, because the damage it could’ve caused if it hit a downtown area of a city would’ve been immeasurable.