It has been announced by the management of world’s renowned chain of fast food, McDonald’s that over 12 million glasses have been recalled by them as cadmium, a dangerous chemical was found in them. They further stated in a press release that the recall has been made from the nationwide outlets of the chain. These glasses were containing the theme of “Shrek Forever After” painted on them and according to the reports, this painted material has been found containing Cadmium chemical.

According to the latest updates, 16-ounce glasses available at the nationwide outlets of McDonald’s that were containing “Shrek” theme painted on them, have been found containing chemical of dangerous element Cadmium. This voluntary recall was made by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission on Friday in which consumers were warned of using these glasses.

It has further been announced by the management of McDonald’s that they have a plan to post schedule of refunds on their website sometime in the coming week. These glasses were available to buy on all the outlets of the chain only for $2 and children were very keen to buy these glasses because of painted material on them related to “Shrek Forever After”. So the parents should now stop buying these glasses and those who have already bought these, must go to the nearest outlet of McDonald’s to return as these can severely dangerous to the health.

A chemical element whose atomic number is 48 and symbol is “Cd” is commonly known as the Cadmium which is said as dangerous to health because it can damage kidney along with the problems of bone softening.