Bret Michaels Returns

Bret Michaels has proved that he is a man of courage and not an average patient. He is so much passionate towards his work so he is back on road with his tour. On Thursday during a telephonic interview, he said that he is taking good care of his health and every precaution. He says when he goes on stage, he tells his fans that he is going to perform 100% but if he does 75 or 80 percent, his fans understand. Rocker says, he is not doing anything stupid but he believes that it’s good for him. Because when he is with his fans, he feels better and their smile work as a medication for him.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” champion was already sure about his presence with his tour. Though Bret Michaels was suffering from several medical maladies over the past two months but he wants to rock every time. Music is his passion and he doesn’t want his legacy to think that he had a brain hemorrhage. Bret says, he loves to meet people and always respect them because love always comes back to you in any form.

Bret Michaels had a brain hemorrhage last month and after that he suffered a warning stroke and was diagnosed with a hole in the heart. But nothing could make him stop, first of all he appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” and won it, then performed on American idol’s stage with a former contestant. He is no doubt a great singer, with great courage. His doctors were not sure about his early recovery but he made it possible and now taking blood thinners to prepare for a fall surgery to repair the hole in his heart.