Gaza Strip

The Security Council will hold a special session on Monday to discuss the Israeli attack on freedom-flotilla carrying aid to Gaza strip. Nineteen people died in the attack and thirty were injured. The Israeli action is being condemned by all European countries. Germany the staunchest supporter of Israel has also expressed shock over Israeli action. Nearly all European nations have expressed their regret and demanded investigations.

The flotilla was comprised of six ships. Three ships were hosting Turkish flags and 800 activists were on board. Turkish Govt. has severed diplomatic relations with Israel after the incident and has asked for UN action against Israel. The details about the nationality of the activists have not surfaced. Israel has blamed that its officers were attacked by the activists by gunshots, knives and steel rods. While the Turkish authorities claim that there were no arms on the vessels.

Gaza strip is under continuous blockade by Israel since 2007 when Hamas Govt. took charge in Palestinian territories. The Gaza population is estimated at 1.5 millions that is facing serious shortage of food and medicines. The Israel Govt. claims that 15,000 tones of supplies are allowed access to Gaza on weekly basis. However the world organizations think the supplies are even less than one-fourth of the requirements.

Israel has maintained the blockade of Gaza strip as a punitive action against the militants of Gaza who have allegedly fired thousands of rockets on Israeli settlements. Israeli planes carried out air attacks on Gaza strip in December 2008. The targets of strikes were schools, hospitals, mosques and Govt offices.