Why did i get Married?

Whenever a movie is released, the much hype surrounding it makes us go to the theaters and watch it at times for the movie itself or for the very reason that we want to be alone and enjoy ourselves. The romantic genre among the movies is the most liked genre among the movie goers of the United States of America.

Seeing the very trend, a brand new movie in the year of 2007 was released featuring Janet Jackson as the main cast of the movie titled ‘Why did i get married’. The romantic nature of the feature film that made its debut in the year of 2007 asked for the viewers to go and see the flick, and as per to the reports ‘Why did i get married, was a wonderfully executed film that was worth watching. Not only that but the movie as well fared really really well on the box-office scale as it was released with more than 1700 prints around the globe. The net earning that was accumulated by the ‘Why did i get married’ neared twelve and a half million dollars a good figure for a romantic flick.

Now, we can see Janet Jackson back in action with a sequel to the most popular romantic movies of 2007, the movie entitled up as the ‘Why did i get married too’ will actually see the comeback of our famous superstar in a super duper stylish way and we know that if its JJ then anything is possible in every sense of the word.