Jerusalem Post

The attacks against the aid forces might change the diplomatic situation and made it more worse. The attack on the ship was another inhuman acts my Israeli forces and the cause is clearly known. The aid fleet was none other than a humanitarian fleet carrying Palestinian protestors and supplies. The Jerusalem post said that the attack had injured around fifty people but according to other sources the numbers of injured people are less. The politics behind the official death toll will continue until the investigation is complete. The Israeli attack was led by the armed forces and was ambush at night. The protestors onboard the fleet included Mairead Corrigan Maguire and Inge Huger which was quite famous for their Nobel Prize.

The ship was then taken to the city of Haifa after the attack. The ship was sighted by the Israelis on Sunday night and was asked to dock near Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem post said that the Israeli demanded them to dock at their harbor or else they would attack. The Israeli army dispatched their boats and started their attack on Sunday night. The aid fleet was about two hundred kilometers from the Israeli harbor when the contacted the fleet and demanded them to dock but they didn’t agree. According to the Jerusalem post the aid ship was filled with medical supplies and construction materials. The reason of attack was purely disputes between the two sides and wasn’t meant to end up like this. The Israeli have setup strict coastal petrol around their territory and anyone who passes have to comply with their orders.