Boondocks Season 3 Episode 5

Many a cartoon series such as the Simpsons and the Family Guy have held us forever near to our TV screens whenever a brand new episode of the series come on air. But the very way that Boondocks have kept us glued to our TV screens is actually unmatched by any. Just last night, the Boondocks Season 3 episode 5 entitled up as the Stinkmeaner 3, Hateocracy online was aired.

The Boondocks Season 3 episode 5 brought back the real Boondocks in the series that the series is actually most famous for. The controversies as well as the political scenario that is always at the heart of the animated series has once again made its very way on to the TV screens with the Boondocks Season 3 episode 5. The previous installment of the Boondocks was not that up to the mark as was a standard of the series so the producers and the directors of the series had to give something really good as was expected of them this time round and they actually won in doing the same with the Boondocks Season 3 episode 5.

The main highlights of the show this time round were the parody of twenty eight weeks later movie as well as the Fred Sanford’s main character which was the nucleus of the entire show. The show always makes us think and this time round it as well did a great job in making us realize many a things and then think about them in a way not possible for the other shows of the same genre.