Tyler Lambert: Commits Suicide Like His Mother

Tyler Lambert, the son of Dana Plato has taken his own life like his mother did. Her mother also committed suicide eleven years ago in 1999. The age of Lambert was 25.

Tyler took his life on May 6 when her mother’s death anniversary was approaching. Dana Plato was starred in “Different Strokes” which was an NBC sitcom. Dana was just 36 when she committed suicide and the same thing her son has done. Dana took her life by having an excessive dose of drugs.

According to medical examiners at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler took his own life by a gun fire which caused a grievous wound in his head leading to his death. The circumstances of the case are not suggesting any foul play by any other person. So it is most probably a self-inflicted death.

No further information is available right now as final conclusion will be drawn after the autopsy and other medical tests including toxicology tests which will clear the picture.

According to National Enquirer, Tyler Lambert was suffering from severe depression as the death anniversary of her mother was some days after the day he committed suicide. According to reports he was using drugs before he was inclined to commit suicide.

Tyler family is in great trauma on this sad incident. Tyler’s grandmother, Joni Richardson, was in great pain and told that Tyler wanted to be with his mother. He committed suicide because he loved his mother very much and her death always haunted him.

But his grandmother also said that it was a coward act of her grandson. She told that Tyler Lambert was very talented person and she did not expect that he will end his life as the whole world of opportunities was open to him and he had many dreams to pursue.

Tyler Lambert: Commits Suicide Like His Mother