Matt Lauer Affair: Finally Comes Out

Scandals have always been the part of celeb’s lives. Even they play big roles in shaping their careers as well. Sometimes, they spoil the stars’ worth but many a time they shove them to heights no matter how bad the scandal is!

Why the scandals play good for the stars? It is because this way the stars get noticeable among the masses and once their name starts to be heard and echoed in every circle, they become saleable. Even it has also been witnessed that many a low profile stars throw scandals on themselves through their PRs to become famous and this way, the work begins to shower on them.

Wow! A good technique it is to become famous and get work! Tabloids are known to splash scandals and gossips about the celebrities. The latest to hit the tabloids is the scandal of the famed TV host Matt Lauer, who is allegedly cheating on her wife Annette Rogue having an affair with another woman aged 26 years.

Well, it is being reported and the rumors have been running rampantly over the Internet, tabloids and in print making headlines that Matt Lauer is having an affair with co-host Meredith Viera.

Matt Lauer, 47, hosts the famous show ‘Today’ has walked out of his second wife Annette Rogue (39 years old model) due to his affair with the gorgeous co-star, who is just 26 years old. It has been reported that Lauer and Rogue had temporarily separated in 2006.

It was not known to their friends’ circles about the temporary separation. But when Lauer had stopped bringing wife on the parties, friends started being suspicious. But now the affair’s news has eventually gushed out in the media, everyone out there including the friends have come to know about the hidden reality behind.

Matt Lauer Affair: Finally Comes Out