Turkish News

The popular sentiments against Israel are enraged in Turkey. According to Turkish News thousands of people staged a protest in front of Israeli consulate in Istanbul condemning Israel. Turkey has severed its diplomatic relations with Israel by withdrawing its ambassador to the country. It has also canceled the joint military exercises. The under-eighteen Turkish soccer team has been called back from Israel.

Turkish news sources have quoted their Foreign Minister as calling upon Israel to end Gaza blockade.

The flotilla that was carrying aid to Gaza comprised of six ships and three of them were bearing a Turkish flag. The leading vessel “Mavi Marmara” was carrying 400 Turk activists. The people on the vessel were allegedly attacked by IDF killing 19 people and injuring more than thirty. The aid was unofficially sponsored by Turkey. The Greek and Swedish Govts have also condemned the Israeli action. Some Greek and Swedish Nationals were among the activists.

Israel and Turkey had cordial relations since decades. The relations took an adverse turn when Israel blocked the Gaza strip. Turkey has demanded to call a session of Security Council to denounce the Israeli action and to take some punitive measures against it. Turkey is currently a non-permanent member of the Security Council.

Turkish news agencies have reported that PM Bulent Arinc strongly condemned the Israeli attack. He said that the aid-flotilla was sponsored by NGO’s of 32 countries. The Turkish authorities had checked the ships to be free from arms. Turkey is also considering filing a law suit against Israel for attacking its vessels in International waters.