Kendra Wilkinson Exposed Video

Kendra Wilkinson exposed video has given her the status of an overnight celebrity. It is a new trend that in order to step into the limelight, you need to make a sex video of yours with a partner and then release it on the internet. This gives you popularity and money too. Many heads would ask how come money is made by such sluttish activities? Well, you make the video and sell it to entertainment companies such as Vivid for a huge sum of money. The company releases the video and the profit is shared.

This is exactly what Kendra Wilkinson did! She made a video titled ‘Kendra Wilkinson exposed video’ in which she wore nothing but nudeness on her seductive body. She has made some naughty poses which fully turned on those who watched the video. Staring in the naughty video is her friend from school Justin Frye. Both have done extreme sex in the video and Kendra has played some tempting sexy games with Justin. The guys who watched are in a state of wanting her badly.

People are crazily searching for Kendra Wilkinson exposed video on the internet ever since a week when it was released. The cost of the video is one hundred thousand US dollars (that is a lot! Is Kendra’s body worth this much?) A million copies of the video have been sold already. Kendra is twenty five years of age. She has done modeling for Playboy magazine and has three nude photo shoots to her name. She gained fame for a television reality show called The Girls Next Door.