Memorial Day

The last Monday of May marks the Memorial Day in United States. It is observed to commemorate the American soldiers who died at wars. The day was inaugurated to honor the soldiers who died during “American Civil war“. The northern part of US had begun to decorate the graves of the soldiers in late 60s of the 19th century. The African Americans observed the day to commemorate their dear ones who had died in war. It was referred to as “decoration day”.

The name was changed to Memorial Day in the next century officially. The Memorial Day celebrations were made whole heartedly during the 1st half of the 20th century. The old veterans of the civil war paraded the town streets across the nation. The celebrations were revived by President Ronald Reagan.

The official ceremony of the Memorial Day is held at “National Cemetery Arlington, Washington” and president of United States lays wreath and delivers his remarks. President Obama had graced the ceremony last year but this year he has decided to lay wreath at “Abraham Lincoln Cemetery” in Chicago.

Joe Biden will participate in the official ceremony at Arlington. Obama’s decision is being criticized by the conservatives however he is not the1st president to miss the Arlington ceremony. George Bush did not participated in the 2002 ceremony while his father never attended one during his tenure as US President. President Reagan who had revived the celebrations was out of country on several occasions. President Clinton attended the ceremony every year during his tenure.